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SimRing - Never miss a call again

SimRing can ring up to five additional phones at the same time — landlines, flip phones and smartphones — so you’ll be sure to catch critical incoming calls wherever you are.

Receive calls made to your home phone on up to five different phones, whether cellphones, smartphones or landlines.
Easily program calls to numbers anywhere in the US. (Note: Limited to Xchange numbers.)
Callers don’t know the call is forwarded.
Easy to configure.
Free with all plans. (Note: All Simring numbers need to be Xchange numbers.)
Any of the activated phones can pick up the call, at which point all the others phone will stop ringing.


To activate this feature, you first have to preprogram SimRing from the line that you want to have this feature on.
Option 1. You can also program your number by texting Simring to 6466490000.
Option 2: Text Simring to 6466490000.
Option 3: Call 3474987100 and follow the simple instructions.